3 Essentials for Creating a Chef’s Kitchen at Home

Whether cooking or baking are passions or you just enjoy preparing foods for family and friends, having a kitchen that is functional and appealing is important. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to make your home more appealing and valuable but can also help you create the space of your dreams. If you are a homeowner who enjoys cooking and entertaining, a chef’s kitchen is ideal for your home.

Many homeowners might feel their home and current kitchen layout is not suited for a remodel suited for the professionals. While this may be surprising to hear, a few essentials can turn any kitchen into a chef’s kitchen. Here are a few essentials to implement when designing your very own chef’s kitchen.

1. Professional Appliances

Choosing appliances for your kitchen can be difficult. However, choosing appliances for your chef’s kitchen can be overwhelming. Focusing on the refrigerator, stove, and oven is smart since these will be the most used appliances in your chef’s kitchen.


A large refrigerator is important for storing all items you need to prepare meals but can also be an imperative focal point in your kitchen. If you do not have space for a wider side-by-side refrigerator, consider adding cooler or freezer drawers into your kitchen’s island.

Stove and Oven

Compared to normal home cooking, most chefs use higher heats to prepare meals, and an ordinary stove and oven may not offer these higher heats.

When choosing a stove for your chef’s kitchen, take the number of BTUs into consideration. The stove should offer a variety, allowing you to simmer at 3,000 BTUs, boil at 12,000 BTUs, and everything in between. If you entertain or bake a lot, make sure to choose a double-oven with warming drawer, as well.

2. Durable Workspaces

Appliances will help you store and cook food, but countertops will help you prepare the food. Thankfully, choosing the right countertop material will ensure your food is prepared without any risk of damaging your work surfaces. In addition, the right countertop material can add a great deal of appeal and value to your kitchen.

Granite countertops are great investments for many reasons.

First, granite is one of the most durable materials for your countertops because it is scratch-resistant and chips are easy to repair. Granite is also heat-resistant, meaning hot pans and pots will not harm your countertop surface. Finally, sealed granite countertops will not discolor or stain.

You can prepare and serve a variety of foods on your granite without a high risk of damage.

If you want to break up the monotony of natural stone, you can use a combination of materials for your countertops. Consider a stainless steel or wood butcher’s block for a section of your countertops, which are both ideal materials for preparing food in your chef’s kitchen.

3. Ample Storage

A lack of storage is a problem for many homeowners but can be increasingly problematic for home chefs. From food and ingredients to cookware and serving pieces, home chefs will need ample storage to showcase their passion for preparing food.

Your kitchen should have sufficient cabinetry and drawers for storing all of your cooking supplies. Make sure to implement custom cabinetry solutions, such as drawers for long cooking pans and baking sheets, cabinets with dividers for storing utensils, and even a pot rack above your main cooking space.

To increase storage space and add value to your chef’s kitchen, consider adding a large pantry during the remodel. A walk-in pantry with shelves and drawers will help you store your cooking supplies and ingredients in a clean, attractive, and accessible way without taking up countertop, cabinet, or drawer space in your actual kitchen.

To get started creating a chef’s kitchen in your own home, contact Contract Remodeling Services.

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