General Contractor in Austin, Westlake, Barton Creek, TX, Tarrytown and Surrounding Areas

Questions to ask a general contractor  

These are some of the questions you need to ask a general contractor.  

General Contractor in Austin, Westlake, Barton Creek, TX, Tarrytown and Surrounding Areas

Contract Remodeling Services Inc. provides general contractor in Austin, TX, Westlake, TX, Barton Creek, TX, Tarrytown, Travis Heights, Zilker and surrounding areas.  

Experience and Qualifications: 

How long have you been in business as a general contractor? 

What types of projects do you specialize in? 

Are you licensed and insured? 

Can you provide references or examples of similar projects you’ve completed? 

Project Management: 

How do you typically handle project timelines and scheduling? 

Will you provide a detailed project plan with milestones? 

How do you ensure timely communication and updates throughout the project? 

Do you have a dedicated project manager, and how will they oversee the project? 

Subcontractors and Suppliers: 

Will you be using subcontractors for any part of the project? 

How do you select subcontractors, and what is your relationship with them? 

Can you provide information about the suppliers you work with for materials? 

How do you ensure quality control and timely delivery of materials? 

Costs and Budgeting: 

Can you provide a detailed breakdown of costs for labor, materials, and any additional fees? 

How do you handle unexpected expenses or changes in the scope of work? 

Do you offer fixed-price contracts or cost-plus contracts? 

What payment schedule do you typically follow? 

Warranty and Aftercare: 

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your workmanship? 

How do you handle any issues or repairs after the project is completed? 

Will you provide documentation and instructions for maintenance and care of the completed project? 

What is your process for addressing any concerns or complaints from clients post-project? 

These questions should help you assess the general contractor’s experience, management approach, reliability of subcontractors and suppliers, transparency in costs, and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

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