Prepare Your Kitchen for a Remodeling Project

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most-used areas. Those reasons are likely why you’ve decided to undertake a kitchen remodeling project. That said, whether you’re repainting and adding some trim or undergoing a full overhaul, a kitchen remodel is going to limit or even stop your use of the space.

Below are some tips for preparing your kitchen and yourself for a kitchen remodel project.

Make Alternative Food Preparation Plans

You may think a kitchen remodel is a good excuse to indulge in some of your favorite restaurants and takeout joints. However, the project may take anywhere from a few days to a few months. Even takeout can get pricey over that amount of time. A better plan is to make at least basic alternative food preparation plans.

At the bare minimum, you need a space for storing food — including perishables — cooking it, and cleaning up afterward. Hopefully, you can still access your regular refrigerator. If not, consider investing in a mini-fridge. A portable storage unit next to the mini fridge can serve as your cupboard.

A microwave might be enough for heating up food. However, you might consider some of the portable appliances, such as a toaster oven or electric kettle, to add variety to your potential meals. Likewise, designate a drawer of your storage area for cooking and eating utensils. The more you keep the items together, the easier the whole process becomes.

Cleaning up can be a challenge. If the kitchen sink is unavailable, you’ll probably have to use a bathroom or utility room sink. Set up a drying rack and your normal cleaning tools for this task.

Pack and Store Your Kitchen

Naturally, the contractors are going to need the space clear for their work. Even if you’re only having minor work done, you’ll want to keep your kitchen tools and servingware clean. So, once you’ve decided which items you’re setting aside for a makeshift kitchen, store the rest.

As with any other packing job, the first step is to acquire sturdy boxes. However, because you’re not moving, you can also store items elsewhere in the house. Utilize spare storage in the basement, attic, spare room, or other available spaces for your kitchen supplies. However, keep a log of where you stash your belongings so you can find them after you restore your kitchen.

Start this process well in advance. Pack up your little-used items as soon as you have a date set for the contractors to arrive. Planning ahead minimizes any haphazard packing that may ultimately ruin some of your kitchen items.

Weed Through Your Kitchen Tools

While you’re packing up the kitchen, evaluate all the stuff you have. Chances are, you’ve accumulated tools and servingware that you don’t use anymore. If you don’t use it, you don’t need it.

You can utilize the Feng Shui method of decluttering for this task. Essentially, you have three designations, perhaps represented here by areas of the kitchen. One each is for items you’re keeping, those you’re not sure about, and those you’re getting rid of. As you pack your kitchen, place the items in the designated area.

Most of the items in your undecided collection can wait until after the remodel. However, put them through a test first. Look at the items and identify if they have true value. Do you see these items augmenting your new kitchen? If not, consider placing them directly in the donation bin.

When the remodel project is done, return to the undecided items. Look at your new kitchen. Chances are you’re going to get rid of a few more belongings, which helps make space for new tools and servingware for your gorgeous new kitchen.

The best advice for preparing for a kitchen remodel project is to keep your eye on the prize — your beautiful new kitchen is in the workings. When you’re ready to undertake your kitchen remodel project, contact Contract Remodeling Services.

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