Refinishing Your Basement? 4 Great Ways To Use The Extra Space

Are you thinking about finishing and renovating your basement? A basement can be used for much more than just storage; with a little thought, it can be turned into a complete and contemporary living space. Here are four great ways that you can use your basement, both increasing the utility of the space and improving the value of your home.

1. An Exciting Basement Bar

Bring your friends and family together with a basement bar. You can fit in a traditional bar, pool tables, dart boards, and more in your basement. Even better, you never need to worry about the sound. Deck your basement out with some entertainment options, such as a television set to watch the game on.

Basement bars are exciting because you can style them however you’d like. Go for an exotic cabana theme or something more luxurious and classic. Either way, you’ll be able to entertain your guests in style.

2. A Cozy Home Theater

Basements are often ideal for home theaters. They’re the right size and shape, they don’t let sound out, they have naturally good acoustics, and you won’t have to block out the light. If you really want the music and television to sound great, you can use some acoustic foam on the interior to make sure there isn’t an echo.

A home theater can be improved with comfortable couches and recliners, in addition to either a large flat screen or a projector screen. Flat screens are more expensive but tend to have a higher visual quality, whereas projector screens are cheaper but may not be as bright. Renovations can add surround sound systems for a truly immersive experience.

3. An Elegant Guest Suite

Where does your family stay when they’re in town? An elegant guest suite can be designed in your basement to accommodate anyone who needs a place to stay. You can even get creative with this: rent out a basement apartment or use Airbnb to bring in interesting guests throughout the year. As your family grows, your guest suite can be used to permanently accommodate family members who need a place to stay.

Basements are a great place for guests, because of the privacy that they afford. Just remember that to be a living quarter, your basement has to have the appropriately sized windows. If the windows aren’t large enough for a person to climb out in the event that there’s a fire, you may need to add another one.

Renovation companies can add everything from a small kitchenette to a bathroom in the basement, making it truly seem to be a complete “apartment” in your home.

4. A Modern Home Office

Want to get business done without any interruptions? A basement can also be a good place to put a home office. You can install a desk, filing cabinets, and other essentials so you can get work done without the distractions of the rest of the house. As a bonus, it’ll be a tax write off!

To get the most out of your home office, you may need to run down some Internet access lines; if you don’t, it may be difficult to get a solid Wi-Fi signal in the basement. You can improve the usefulness of your home office by building out cabinets and shelves, making it easier to store things such as office supplies and documents.

These are just a few ways you can consider building out your basement. If you want more ideas (or you want a quote for the cost), you can consult with a professional. Contact the experts at Contract Remodeling Services Inc to get started.

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