Home Remodeling for Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown TX, Pflugerville, and Round Rock: Winter Projects

Our customers often think home remodeling is only done during warmer months. But what if your schedule was too packed and now is the only time? There are some home remodeling projects that can be done during the winter that will refresh the look and function of your home.

A new laundry room.

So many laundry rooms on TV get attention for how they look. But we know the look on the homeowners’ faces reflect something else – function! Laundry is a dreaded chore. The least you can do is make it easier. Drying racks, ironing area, storage, shelves, rinse sink and more can help facilitate one of the worse chores in the house. 

Insulation in attics and crawl space

Home Remodeling in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown TX, and PflugervilleBuying something only when the need affects you as opposed to preplanning is called availability heuristic. Getting more insulation during the winter in your attic or crawl space is probably a good example of availability heuristic. It’s still a great idea. The more you insulate; the less heat will escape.  Make this the winter where you are finally comfortable for the amount of money you’re paying in heating bills.

Kitchen backsplash

Tile and backspace can really date your kitchen. While the cabinets and the granite countertops might still be in style, your backsplash can be shouting out “We’re from the 90s!”. Luckily this can be changed at a fairly friendly price. You’ll still have to clean your counters off and maybe a bit of dust after. But the change will be so dramatic, your visitors might accuse you having a full kitchen redo. While you’re at it, go ahead and change out the cabinet hardware too. This can be a fun family project of selecting new hardware and installing it. And, during cold winter days, you need all the help you can get with finding something fun to do indoors.

Don’t think winter is a time that you can’t get any home remodeling projects done. Instead, you can get indoor energy efficiency, decorating and functionality projects out of the way. And once summer comes along, you won’t be cooped up inside with indoor projects. Call Contract Remolding Services to get started on your free estimate for your next home remodeling project throughout Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown TX, Pflugerville and Round Rock.

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