Commercial Construction in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown TX, Pflugerville, and Round Rock

One thing we’ve learned with our commercial construction clients over the years is that completing projects on time may be their biggest concern. This is why we’ve gone the extra length to make our commercial construction services as comprehensive as possible from start to finish. All commercial construction contractors have issues, but our experience has made us as well equipped to handle them as ever. Let us worry about the bumps, the snags, the hiccups. Our proper planning may mean we don’t even have any, but we’ll be prepared just in case.

Commercial Construction in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, PflugervilleHere are the biggest problems commercial construction contractors face:

  1. Lack of skilled workers
  2. Scheduling
  3. Changing designs
  4. Document management
  5. Ever-changing regulations

Do you know what the benefit of having 40 years of experience is? We’ve gone through these issues and know to mitigate them. We wouldn’t still be in this business if we didn’t. One of the best moves we’ve made is to have our own permitting specialist on staff. This helps us in several different ways. First, we are familiar with the different requirements of each municipality. This will save time before a project is even started. Secondly, knowing the process of approvals and what steps need to be approved before proceeding while still being able to work is an art. 

We also handle all the aspects of your project – plumbing, drywall, flooring, painting and more.  Whatever your project requires, we can do it. We even have a certified sound specialist on staff. By working with a full comprehensive staff, we can get commercial construction projects done quicker and more efficiently.

Contract Remodeling Services has 40 years of experience creating beautiful and functional spaces for families and businesses. We have a certified soundproofing specialist and a permitting specialist on staff. Our company is licensed and insured for your protection. Call us now at 512-278-8975 to get a free estimate on your next commercial construction project.

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