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When you start the process of wanting to build your next home in Austin, TX, you will have many more choices to make than you realize. Some of these choices will be minor, such as the color of the tile that you choose for the bathroom, and some choices will be major, such as where a wall is located that affects the size of a bedroom or office. Another big choice you will have is to work with a design-build organization like Contract Remodeling Services. Many times people think that you need to work with a separate designer or architect and then you will go find a builder, that these must be separate things. While this is certainly one route, it isn’t the only route to get the custom home design that you are looking for.

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What Is The “Design-Build” Approach?

This is a common question that we get from many different people. The design-build approach to custom home design is to marry the design aspect with the building aspect under a single roof rather than have separate organizations or people handle each aspect.

With our team, we can offer architect services to help design your home or remodeling plans, and then we also have a build team to take those plans and turn them into reality. Because we all work together, we can quickly go back to the architect and clarify something that might be unclear, or make changes “on the fly” with the backing of the architect and designers that did the design in the first place. This extra communication means that things can get done quicker with less effort.


Here are some other reasons why design-build for custom home design is the best choice

  • Better Communication: Design-build ensures clear and direct communication among our entire project team, ensuring that your custom home design project goes off without a hitch.
  • Faster Project Timelines: The integrated nature of design-build often ensures that your project is delivered in a timely manner, with designers and new home builders working side-by-side.
  • Cost Predictability: The proactive design-build approach to custom home design helps prevent budget overruns and provides greater predictability throughout your project.

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Custom Home Design In Austin, TX

When it comes to custom home design, working with a design-build outfit like ours can make things easier for all involved. The architect can make inquiries to the build team about different things, and this helps to ensure that not only does the homeowner get what they want, but the build team knows what will happen and can provide important details on construction that influence how the design goes together. It is a collaborative effort that results in a great end product that the homeowners love.

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Ask An Austin GC: What Services Do General Contractors Provide?

Think of a general contractor as a manager. They must manage groups of people, manage a full project along with the sub-projects that go into the main project, and sign off on different aspects of the project as they are completed. They help with budgeting (and staying on budget), scheduling specialty sub-contractors (like plumbing), helping with permits and inspection requests, as well as material deliveries, and more. This is a position that many people think they can handle, until they get in too deep and realize that they need professional help.

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About Contract Remodeling Services, Inc.

Contract Remodeling Services has been delivering custom remodeling assistance, design-build services, architect services, home remodeling/renovation, and other services for more than 40 years to the greater Austin, Texas area. We work from start to finish, design to completion.

We love to design projects that work for the needs and wants of our customers and then follow through with quality materials and workmanship. Contact us today to get started with your home renovation, custom home design project, or to learn more about us.

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Working with an established home builder and remodeler means that you are working with a team that can make the process fast and easy. The city dates back to the 1830s when the first Anglo-American settlers arrived in the area, then part of Mexico. In 1837, settlers founded the village of Waterloo on the banks of the Colorado River, the first permanent settlement in the area. By 1839, Waterloo would adopt the name Austin and the frontier town would become the capital of the Republic of Texas. Contact us today with your ideas and plans.

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  • Design was finalized in a timely manner and the work done was of the upmost quality for our home addition. We're glad that we hired Contract Remodeling Services to oversee the entire project of adding our new bedroom and outdoor deck. Highly recommended.

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    Round Rock, TX

  • Contract Remodeling Services and their experienced team were involved every step of the way when we decided to renovate our dated kitchen and bathroom. The entire process was professional from start to finish. We recommend to anyone that wants a company to head up their next project. Thank ...

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